Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Time & Summer Photos

First day of school - Drew 4th grade, age 10 - Abby 3rd grade, age 8
It's school time!  Our summer felt much too short but I've welcomed the start of school.  I think we were all ready to follow a set routine again.

Mally's first day - age 4
Andy went back to work Aug. 22 and Drew & Abby started Aug. 29.  Mallory started preschool yesterday.  Football started for Andy in mid-August and Drew started practicing last week.  Abby starts volleyball next week, so it has been challenging who will get the kids where they need to be.  The kids get on the bus at 7am and the pm bus brings them home around 4:45, so it's a REALLY long day for them.  Thankfully, we've found a friend for Drew to go home with on days he has practice and they get him there on time. 
Andy & Drew cut & peeled the juniper poles for Drew's new bunkbed.
I have been working 2-3 days/week through August but am planning on just 1-1.5 days through September.  My week on call in August was very busy with several after-hours trips to town.  I'm dreading my week on call in September after that one!  We have a new (young) manager so it will be interesting to see how my job will be affected.  I'm praying I'll get to keep my 1 day a week because it has really helped our financial stress. 
She'd rather be naked
Bad news last month - Mallory needs oral surgery.  The dentist found deep cavities in all 4 molars at her first cleaning/check-up in August.  She referred us to a pediatric dentist in Bend who confirmed the problem and recommends pulpectomies (mini-root canals) and crowns on all 4 molars which is done under general anesthesia for ped patients.  After reviewing all the options, we scheduled the procedure for Oct. 13 in Bend.  We're really nervous about it but the other option of pulling them and placing spacers is even more expensive and also done under general anesthesia.  Please pray that it goes smoothly and without complication and that I won't worry about the cost. 

August trip to Newport, Yaquina Head

I'm struggling to make time for blogging here and at Mama Lusco Handmade...I'm hoping as life settles down I'll get back into posting more often.  I've have several new pattern-makers using me to test & review new patterns so much of my extra time has been sewing instead of blogging. Not a bad problem, but unless you're on Facebook, updates may be slow.  HINT: Get a FB account, Moms :)
Abby's first sewing project won best of show & blue ribbon! 

Mama's Fair Prizes - 1 best of show, 6 blue & 2 red ribbons

We've enjoyed a few visits from family over the summer months. Here are a few pictures from our adventures.   Enjoy!
Abby's a good shot!

Angie & cousin Jen

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