Friday, April 8, 2011

Snow, Really?!!

We woke up to 2" of snow again yesterday and temps in the 20's.  It's April, right?  My poor crocuses were just starting to bloom and the daffodils are about 3" high now.  I miss my early Spring bulbs!

I've been busy stocking my Etsy shop.  I'm really liking the new eco-totes from feed bags.  Do you have one yet?  I use mine for grocery shopping but they would also be great for books, gardening, the beach and wet bags for the pool or river.

We don't have anything planned this weekend.  We're still cutting away at the junipers and sage and have about 1 acre left to clear & burn.  Andy got his teaching assignment for next year.  It's a relief to know they're really planning on him teaching next year!  My job is going well.  I'm still feeling a little insecure because it's all new but I really enjoy the work.  I'm now only working 1 day a week and as needed when we get busy.  I've added some days in May and the summer vacations are being scheduled so I'll be busier then.  I'm enjoying the slower pace!

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