Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winning Chili Recipe

Photo from About-Recipes
Here it is...the chili recipe that has become our new favorite and the winner of the 2010 JD Nazarene Chili Cook-off!


Like all recipes, I made a few changes :)  We prefer pinto beans to kidney beans, so I use 2 cups of dried pinto beans (soaked overnight or boiled until soft) instead of the 2 cans of beans in the recipe.  It's also very good with 1 cup dried black beans and 1 cup of dried pinto beans.  Dried beans are much cheaper here, so that's what we use instead of canned.  In the winter, use 1 pint of canned tomatos for the fresh ones.  This recipe works well in the slow cooker - my preferred method for easy meals.  This has a mild taste that even the kids love.  It goes well with Corny Cornbread....all this typing is making me hungry! 

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