Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eco-Friendly Product: CleanFlame Fire Logs

I'm excited to tell you about a relatively new eco-friendly product that is worth endorsing - CleanFlame fire logs.  I was impressed that CleanFlame is produced from 100% recycled waxed corrugated box material; material that would normally go to landfills.  Their website states, "Our aim is to save trees, relieve overburdened landfills and create a totally sustainable and virtuous manufacturing process - one that can be a model for the world."  Unlike Presto (and other) manufactured logs, CleanFlame can be used for cooking and would be a convenient product to take camping.  CleanFlame produces less creosote and carbon monoxide than natural wood and is better for air quality than wood.  Best of all, CleanFlame is cheaper than traditional firelogs and is likely available at your local grocer (check their website for where to buy.)

We received 3 CleanFlame fire logs to try.  These come packaged in a sturdy paper which you simply light to start the fire log.  No kindling needed!  The log lit quickly and produced a warm, even flame.  We were able to burn the CleanFlame log with regular wood in our fireplace - another benefit over traditional fire logs.  It's burn time and heat was similar to the pine we normally burn and produced little ash. They stack compactly and leave no mess.  I'm definitely keeping these on hand as an easy fire-starter. 

I highly recommend CleanFlame fire logs for the occasional wood burning family. Perfect to take to the campground, make a bonfire, or burn in the fireplace.  Feel good purchasing CleanFlame because they are saving trees, reducing waste and reducing pollution while providing a worthy product. 

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