Sunday, November 21, 2010

November, Where have you gone?

Wow!  I did not realize it had been so long since I updated the blog here.  Life has seemed crazy here lately.  It was supposed to slow down after football season ended, but it really hasn't yet.  I do have a small excuse for early Nov. when we were without a computer for 9 days, but I've just been busy/lazy since getting it back the 16th. 

We were happy to have Andy's Mom & (practically) stepdad down for the last football game on Nov. 5th then stay for the weekend.  As usual, I ended the weekend with a fridge full of leftovers so I didn't need to cook again until Tuesday :)  Without a computer the following week, I was able to make good progress on some Christmas gifts. 

Drew is on our church's Bible quizzing team this year.  They meet weekly to study together then have quiz meets 3 times a year over in Nampa, ID with other Nazarene quiz teams.  His first big meet was the 13th, so we were able to spend Friday night in Nampa and eat out at Olive Garden on Saturday before heading back home.  Drew is doing very well and won a gold medal for scoring over 90% on his quizzing and earned a blue ribbon for perfect memory verses.  So studious!  He also started basketball practice the 2nd week of Nov. and that goes through December.  His first Jamboree was Saturday and he's improved since last year.  I'm not sure he'll ever play serious basketball, but he's trying hard :)  He really wishes there was a youth wrestling program here.

We've been making slow progress on the new Mud Room.  Andy has installed my counter top edging & back splash, hung coat hooks & closet rods, installed the sink & range.  I etched and painted the floors and counter tops.  I'm not impressed with the counters but they are water-tight and usable now.  We plan to laminate or something once our house in Lebanon sells.  Over Thanksgiving we're hoping to finish the room - insulate the ceiling, move in the freezer, stain the counter edges & back splash, plumb the sink and touch-up painting.  It's finally to the point that we can use it - just in time for the wet snow! 

We woke this morning to about 1" of snow on the ground and it still falling.  Something about snow on the ground makes me smile :)  Mally was so excited that she couldn't stay in the house.  She was out playing in her church dress and no gloves and was so cold!  Stubborn thing wouldn't come inside to get a coat or gloves, though. It sounds like we should get some more snow the next few days.

Today was our church's Community Thanksgiving Dinner.  I cooked and baked and baked some more for the dinner this year. After a failed batch of pecan bars Friday night, I woke Saturday to find that our dog Lucy had ruined the 4 dozen dinner rolls I had made.  I didn't think she would jump up on the counter to get the rolls, but she did.  A mini-melt-down later, I baked another 2 desserts and pulled my other rolls from the freezer so it turned out alright.  I also found the most amazing stuffing recipe!  I'd never made my dressing before but it was easy and delicious.  Another recipe I need to share someday...

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