Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fair Fun

The family had a great time at the county fair last week.  Abby entered cookies and a family portrait; Drew made a Lego sculpture; and I entered some canned goods, garden basket and sewing items.  We all came away with ribbons and a little cash.  It was a learning experience and we have some more ideas for next year! 

The kids were in the Kids Parade last Friday afternoon with a group from church.  Saturday, Abby was in the big Fair Parade with her fellow dancers.  We enjoyed a long day at the fair and watched the rodeo Friday night. 

Drew & Abby were happy to start school on Monday.  Drew is a 3rd grader and Abby's in 2nd grade.  Mally and I are enjoying our long days together and she's quite a little helper.  We're still working in the garden and have started painting the exterior of the new utility room.  I'm hoping we'll be able to finish the tape & texture and paint inside this weekend.  Still so much to do!

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Jill Williamson said...

Congrats on your fair winnings! It looks like we missed a fun time. Love that picture of Drew bellowing on the ride. I think I can actually hear him. :-)