Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Fun

It's been awhile since I posted because we are enjoying summer.  We were just talking yesterday about how the summer days feel so full and busy...and fun!

The cats are surviving and growing.  Mally loves them and usually has a cat with her.  The kids dressed up the poor things one night and here was their fashion show:

We were in Idaho with Andy's family last week.  We stayed with Mom & Bill, spent a night out at Matt & Jo's property around the campfire;

The kids rode horses in the round pen;

And jumped on the tramoline with a sprinkler underneath;

And they slept all night on the trampoline.

We were also able to visit Mitch & Jenne's house for a spit-roasted beef roast and BB gun fights.  Justin worked with his horses while we were there and Georgia painted the girls fingernails.  Max & Lana had us over for dinner, too, but I missed that one thanks to a major headache.  After 4 attempts at painting Mom's ceiling, I think I finally got it right :)

We brought Brenna home with us this week and will meet up with the family again this weekend for the Mallory Family Reunion in Troy, OR.  We're hoping to bring back another cousin or two from the reunion.  I've taken the kids to Magone Lake twice since Brenna is here for some cold mountain lake swimming.

Andy found some deals on Craigslist and came home July 3rd with a new (old) camper and fishing boat.  He's been cleaning up the boat, rebuilding the platform for easier fishing and getting it ready for its maiden voyage.  The camper was owned by a retired couple and is spotless inside.  It's still all original orange, gold & olive green, too! My parents had a camper the same make & model when I was a kid. I have to laugh at our toys....most are as old as Andy & I!  Fun on a budget!  Yes, the boat is painted camo :)

After seeing these pictures I hope you understand why I've been too busy to blog...We are enjoying our family time together before it ends in mid-August.  I hope you are enjoying your summer, too!

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