Friday, July 30, 2010

First Veggies and Updates at Home

We've had nice two weeks at home!  Our garden is starting to produce fresh peas, onions, beets & cherry tomatoes. I added some bacon and mayo/sour cream dressing and it was the best salad ever.  My flowers and grasses are growing well and we've had some great thunderstorms and sunsets.

Fuqua Homes came to install my new island counter top last week and Andy hung a chandelier over our dining table.  We found the chandelier at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore (salvaged items).  I love it!  For bar stools at the island, we found tractor seats at a yard sale which we will epoxy paint and mount with a swivel to tall milk cans that we got at a local antique store.  I can't decide if I should paint the milk cans or just leave them?  Either way, I'm hoping to have them welded soon after we're back from Idaho.

Speaking of Idaho, we're headed that way again.  Andy, Drew & Mally left today.  We're hoping to get Mom's house addition finished and do some camping and fishing.  I was lucky to win a Meet & Greet with my long-time favorite country singer Clay Walker tomorrow in Caldwell, ID!!!  Abby and I will go to the concert then drive up to Moscow on Sunday to meet the rest of the family.  I'm really excited to meet Clay and have been a loyal fan since 1993.  Makes me feel a little old :) 

I'm not sure if we'll have internet access in Idaho, so I likely won't be back for a week or more.  Hope you're enjoying summer as we are!

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Jill Williamson said...

Hey! The chandelier looks great! How did those peas taste? :-)