Monday, June 21, 2010

First Camping Trip of 2010

Andy is finally back from football camp and has the next 7 weeks off before football starts again.  I was ready to get away so we took the first camping trip of the year to nearby Magone Lake.  We had good weather Friday and enjoyed canoeing, fishing and driving around the area that day.  Saturday we did some more canoeing and fishing and the kids tried to swim.  That afternoon the thunder clouds & rain moved in and continued through Sunday morning.  We packed up Sunday after breakfast and came home.  The lake is only 45 minutes from our house so it was nice to have a quick trip home.  Today I did loads of wash and am airing out our wet rugs from the trailer.  It's so nice to have some sun today!

Blogging will be sporadic this summer.  I'm getting busy keeping up the garden and enjoying time outside. Have I told you I've killed 2 snakes in my garden so far?!! We'll be visiting Andy's family in Idaho soon and will be doing more camping trips.  I'll keep you updated as I can.

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Trenton said...

So you going to make some shoes out of this one like you did the first?! You'll need to tan the skin pink first though so they'll look like the shoes you have on in the picture! later sis!