Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend Warriors

We are learning that our plans are often redesigned by LIFE, so we are becoming weekend warriors. So much for getting things done during the day or after school! This past weekend we were able to finish sheeting, roofing and painting the new dormer where my future mud room/pantry will be. For now, it's basically a covered patio until we can save more money to finish the room. We're really happy with how it turned out!
A funny story about this rock above...I had the job of painting the fascia black to match the house.  I am afraid of heights and was so proud of painting the tall parts without falling or freaking out.  I was on the last side (the one pictured) and not really thinking as I backed down my ladder.  As I stepped down with my left foot, I tripped backwards over this rock, landing on my butt and left shoulder.  My right leg came up under the bottom ladder rung and it hurt! Somehow I managed to keep the gallon of paint upright as I fell....a miracle if you have ever seen me paint - I always spill!  No major harm done, thankfully!

Andy and I also planted 7 fruit trees in the new garden space. They are semi-dwarf trees except 2 dwarf 5-in-1 pear trees. Looking forward to getting the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes & kiwi in once they arrive. I have already bought my veggie seeds and onion sets. I'm trying to keep them alive until we get the garden plot tilled and it warms up so we can plant. Gardening here will be more challenging because of the cold nights & hot days, but we're up for it! My sewing days are soon to be gone once the garden is in...
 Deer stay out!  We have several "flocks" (as Abby & Mally call them!)  in the neighborhood and hope our 6 1/2 foot fence will keep them out.

Mallory was really cute this weekend as we were getting ready to head outside.  We all wear overalls, usually striped ones, as a legacy learned from my Grandpa Roth.  He was always wearing hickory-striped overalls around the farm.  Our family all have work overalls except for Mallory. She dug through her dresser to find these striped short-alls from last summer.  They barely fit, but she insisted on wearing her "work clothes, too!"  I think Grandpa is smiling down on her...

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