Saturday, April 10, 2010


My kids say the cutest things.  Doesn't every parent think so?

"I like the poka-nuts"  (polka dots)
"I wear my hee-highls" (high heels)
"Gay men" (amen)
- Mallory, age 2 1/2

Drew (almost 9) had a misunderstanding at school one day.  He thought a teacher-assistant told him he could not have dessert, so he was pouting at the lunch table.  Later that day, that teacher saw him and asked if he was still upset with her.  "No.  I forgive you, because I'm a Christian."  She shared this with me and it made me so proud!

Abby (7) has become quite the writer and story-teller.  Here's one she wrote on our first night at the new house.
My test is about horses.  Horses are beautiful animals.  They have beautiful hair.  They only lay one egg a month.  It is very interesting because only the mom horses lays eggs.  I mean horses are all the same, right.  Anyways, I have a poster of a horse in my room.  I hove horses so much!  The End.
By Ashley Miller (Abby Lusco)  Feb. 15, 2010

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Trenton said...

so abbs is using a psuedo-name to write her stories huh. here i thought she was just doing other people's homework?! hope you're all doing good! love ya sis-trent