Monday, March 1, 2010

Quick Update

Mally's skin funk continued to get worse, so I took her back into the doctor today and he changed the diagnosis to impetigo.  I had looked online yesterday and that was my best guess, too.  I feel bad that I hadn't been using the antibiotic ointment on them like he suggested a week ago - but it hurt her so I didn't use it.  If I had it likely would not have progressed like this...No going back now, so she's started another oral antibiotic and I'm bathing/washing 3 times a day and using topical antibiotics, too.  Tonight she was crying and asking to get out of the bath, knowing next would come the painful drying and applying ointment.  To top it off, I now have pink eye. These make us sound like a dirty family, but I promise I wash & clean my children and home :) Oy!  I'm tired and ready to have a healthy family again... 

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Becky said...

Hope she feels better soon.

Y'all are cootie catchers aren't ya? We went through a phase like that too when the kids were in elementary school. Had to fight head lice! That was the worst!

But my fave was when one kid was in middle and the other in elementary schools. They would come home with their school's version of a bug and I would get the combined version!!