Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here She Is

My little Mallory is finally starting to feel better.  She woke up this morning without a fever and has played well today. The hair hasn't been combed in 3 days and she dressed herself.  Those are leg warmers on her arms and her newest V-day socks from GM and new Crocs for summer.  What a girl! 

Her arm is looking terrible and still spreading, though.  The nurse practitioner called today to check on her.  He was kind of stumped about her lesions, but chicken pox was his best diagnosis.  Definitely not typical because they are localized, but we are 3 hours from a dermatologist so we'll keep watching them and praying they heal.  If they're chicken pox lesions, the scabs will be there for about another week.  I'm taking pictures to document the's the wound-care nurse in me!  If you don't want to see them, beware the picture below :)

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