Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost There

It looks like we have finally met all of the bank's requirements and will be closing the house & property Thursday or Friday!  What a relief to finally be done faxing and re-faxing documents, delivering bills and legal forms and coordinating builders, contractors and inspectors...

Inside the house, I have painted the 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, family & utility rooms.  I still need to paint the living room, entry and hallway - hopefully will be done painting tomorrow.  Mallory has been so good to just play and listen to music while I paint.  We've been leaving at 8 after the kids are off to school and come home just as they get off the bus at 4.  After I'm done painting I need to start packing before the big move on Monday.  It looks like we'll have some help from the football coaches & players with the moving.  Still so much work to do, but so close to the end result!

My photo printer stopped working and my camera cable is packed, so no digital photos on the blog until I can find them from the storage stuff.  I really want to share pictures of what we've done, but those will have to wait.  I probably won't be blogging again until we're connected at the new house next week. Our internet will be connected on 2/17, so I'll update you then!

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