Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Exciting Progress

We spent a few hours at the property yesterday watching the crew set the house. The two pieces are now connected together and the roof is on! A crew from Fuqua will come after the power is on to work at finishing the rest. Inside, there is sheetrock & texture that needs finishing where the two pieces connect and some touch-up needed where it cracked turning transport. Carpet and trim also needs finished inside. The outside of the house needs the board & batten siding added to the short ends, the dormer added over the utility door, and water, septic, electrical & phone lines connected. The shop is being framed and we hope to be able to put the siding & roof on the shop this weekend with my brother's help. So much to do!

We are still waiting on the bank's appraisal to come back before we can finalize the loan. The house and shop need to be completed and pass final inspection before the loan can fund - hopefully before Feb. 17th to keep our rate lock.  Here's a picture of the family room; looking into the kitchen then from the kitchen to the family room.

It was exciting to see my master bathroom for the first time.  For Christmas, Andy had secretly rearranged it to add a garden tub and larger linen cabinet.  It's beautiful!

Exciting progress, but still so much to do. Please keep us in your prayers...we can use peace and pray that the work continues without major set-backs. We'll keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

Angie! Your house is amazing! What a gorgeous kitchen. And your tub! I'm sooo jealous. We had a big tub in our old house and I miss it now. Great job picking everything out. You must be so excited to get settled in it. I can hardly wait to see more pictures.

I'll be praying that things keep going well for you.
Amy T.