Saturday, December 26, 2009

Homesite Progress

On Christmas afternoon, we drove by the home site and took a few pictures of the progress there.  The runners for the house foundation are poured and some base rock for the driveway was brought in. We expect the home to be delivered in early January and it will be livable within 30 days after delivery!  We are still waiting on the bank to give us the total amount that they'll finance and we're expecting to hear from them next week. The only question mark is whether we can afford the big shop now with the loan or if we'll need to wait on that.  It's so pretty up at the new site with the snowy mountains nearby. We can hardly wait for February to come so we can move!

Here's a picture of 2 bucks we saw near the property.  Love seeing all the wildlife here!

We will be in Idaho from Sunday through Saturday next week and away from internet access.  
I plan to catch up with my Blogger friends and blog updates after we get back the week of Jan. 3rd. 
A blessed New Year to you all! 

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Lora said...

beautiful! how blessed you are!