Monday, October 19, 2009

Not So Fun Weekend

Our fun, relaxing weekend didn't turn out as planned.  Friday I took all 3 kids in for our flu and HIN1 vaccines then grocery and gift shopping. Abby had a birthday party planned for Saturday and we bought gifts for the Operation Christmas Child shoe-box. They were great at the health department and very brave getting their vaccines. The nightmare started in the grocery store and continued in the department store. It is no fun shopping with a 2 year old! She does not want to sit in the cart, but can't resist touching things - hard for me (the control freak) to manage and very stressful. I don't want to look like "that mom" who has out of control kids in public but reigning her in means screaming and crying through the store...the joys of motherhood! After our shopping adventures, we came home and the kids watched a movie - one of their new Friday traditions. By the time the movie was over, Abby had started running a fever. Later that night the vomiting started. Poor girl - she was miserable all weekend. Thankfully, the vomiting only lasted through early Saturday am. The rest of the weekend was just a fever and aches and little sleep at night for Andy and I. She does such weird things in her sleep; we weren't sure if it was from the fever or her normal weirdness...talking, delusions, crying -no fun! This morning her fever was gone and she's back at school now. So, no pool party for Abby and no trip to LaGrande for the EOU homecoming for us. Not the weekend we had planned, but I'm just thankful Abby's flu was short-lived and she's feeling better again.

I did get a little crafting in last week. I decided to piece my tree blocks together for a table runner. This was my first time using the walking foot for machine quilting. It worked good for 3/4 of the project, then stopped "walking." Frustrating. My 25 year-old Singer Quantum XL has been acting up recently. I sew so much that I need a reliable machine and decided that it was time for a new one. I spent most of Thursday researching to find a good, affordable machine and decided on this Janome. It looks pretty similar to my Singer. I feel a little guilty about buying a new machine when money's so tight, but bought it anyway....I told Andy this is my Christmas present :) I may tune up my Singer and keep it as a backup, since I have so many attachments for it. So that was my big splurge recently! It's supposed to get here Tuesday - can't wait!

I've done a little crocheting recently. I made these mittens and hat for Mallory. The grey hat was supposed to be for me, but is too small, so Drew or Abby will get it. All my yarn and needles are packed away in the storage unit. We couldn't quickly find them last weekend, so all I have is an H hook. I ordered a new set of bamboo hooks which should get here soon. 

I did get to try another new recipe that we all loved. It was for donuts from Bobbityboo. So easy and yummy!

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