Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Life in John Day

We are back from Idaho and it feels like summer is winding down. We stayed with Andy's mom and got some work done on their home addition. We were able to visit his siblings and spend a day at the river. Abby and Mallory really enjoyed their horse rides with cousin Georgia and Aunt Jenne.

Now that we're home, Andy is working at putting his classroom together and football strategy. Football camp starts Aug. 17th, then he's back to work on the 25th. We are hopeful that Drew will get to play youth football this year, even though he's a grade too young.

We've been enjoying drives through the National Forest near our new property and Andy has been shooting twice. Last night we drove up to Fall Mtn Lookout and the views were awesome! In the picture you can see a nearby forest fire on Strawberry Mtn. It is relaxing to just drive and admire the beauty and wildlife. What fun!

Yesterday we visited another church and think this may be the one for our family. We were encouraged by the worship and message and found other couples our age, as well as an active youth program. It is having VBS this week, so the kids are excited to attend. Please continue to pray for us to find friends and ways to connect into our new community. We're excited to be here, but I'm feeling a bit lonely and look forward to meeting people!

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