Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Good News

We made another quick trip over to John Day Tuesday and left early this morning. Andy and I have moved about half of the household things and all of his shop things. We're hoping to finish packing the rest of the house and garden shed tomorrow and Friday before the big move this Saturday.

Our home sale is proceeding well - water test and home inspection done and septic inspection will be next week. As long as these all come back ok, we're set! The offer we made on the 14 acres was rejected, but we made an offer this morning on a beautiful 5 acre piece just across the road and they accepted! We'll have a septic approval done before making the final decision, but what a relief to have our sale going well and now a new property to buy. We also were able to sell the cows, chickens, tractor, and most of the farm equipment. What an answer to prayer! Thanks for all the continued prayers...we need patience with each other and peace through the transition.

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Anonymous said...

I've been praying for you all today, Angie. Moving is so hard. It seems like it's all happening so fast for you! Of course that's easy to say from this perspective. What answers to prayer though to have sold your property and found another. I peeked at the layout for your new house, it looks neat! I will cover you in prayer throughout the weekend friend. For safety, and patience, and peace amidst the craziness.
Love, Amy