Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

Hope you had a fun, relaxing weekend...we did! We left Friday morning for the Siletz River and camped at Jack Morgan Park. Our friends, the Hogans, have property just across the road with river frontage, where we swim and park the canoe. Andy and the big kids floated for 4 1/2 hours on Saturday, fishing their way back to the Hogan's. Everyone caught fish and they saw salmon and steelhead trout swimming upstream, deer, and had a good time. Mallory and I went for a quick visit with Uncle Duane & Aunt Sandi at their home in Siletz. It's always nice to see them...Sandi was my favorite aunt as a child :) We were blessed with warm, sunny weather and I even swam in the river. It's quite a feat to get me into a bathing suit these days, but I was glad I did. We all shampooed our hair and washed in the river...better than nothing! We came home today and took care of the lawn, flowerbeds and watered before visiting my parents. It was nice to sit and relax with them for a few hours before the crazy week ahead. I'll sure miss you, Mom!

Tomorrow we're leaving for a quick trip to John Day. We have the pickup and trailer loaded with things to go into storage. Praise the Lord we were able to find a storage unit! We were turned down the first 3 places, but finally found an opening. Please continue to pray for our housing situation. We have a possibility for a house swap, but aren't yet sure if the other people in John Day are interested in our home. We'll be viewing their home this Tuesday and hope to know in the next week whether they would like to buy ours. Interesting, and I'll keep you posted.

Later this week will be another camping trip, this time to Trout Creek on the Santiam River. We'll be celebrating Mallory's 2nd birthday on Saturday around 4 pm with a BBQ and cake. Please join us if you can! We celebrated her 1st birthday there last year and we're looking forward to another fun celebration this year.

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