Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sick again

My poor, dear Mallory is really struggling this week. Sunday morning, she felt warm, but was happy, so I didn't think anything of it until later that afternoon when she had a meltdown. We checked her temp then and it was 103'. That night she didn't sleep well, and woke up Monday with a temp of 104'. She wasn't able to keep in the tylenol or motrin because the vomiting started Monday morning. After a call to her doctor Mon. afternoon, we headed to the local Urgent Care for evaluation. Her temp came down to 102-6' after a suppository, but she still wasn't perky, so she was then sent over to the ER for observation, blood & urine tests. Thankfully, there's no sign of bacterial infection and no more vomiting, so we came home around 9pm. Andy stayed home with her today and she seemed better this am, but tonight the fever's back up to 104' even with Motrin. I feel so sorry for her and wish I could make her feel better, but now she just wants to be held and sleep. Tomorrow I'll be calling the doctor again...

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