Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pretty Pink Dresses

I took a baby step today and used my serger to sew the girls matching sundresses. The fabric is pink smocked denim from Walmart. All I did was measure their chests, cut the width to match their chest + 1" for seam allowance, and serge. For Mally's dress, I needed to trim some length off, then serged her hem. I used the extra length to make Abby's adjustable straps. Mally's straps are some ribbon that I treated with fray check. I can't wait to get action pics with the girls wearing them!


Lauranie said...

Very cute! Our WalMart has stopped selling fabric. But I am lucky enough to have about 7 other stores to buy fabric locally! I love the already shirred and smocked fabric! It makes sewing so EASY!!

Kindershop said...

These are awesome. Very pretty! I was thinking to make some smocked tops for my girls, but never really like the premade fabric they have. The pink one you used is perfect. I need to see if one of the local Walmarts still sells fabric. Great job!

Brooklynn said...

Lovely pink baby dress for little girls... I like the pattern of this dress!!