Thursday, April 16, 2009

Change is Coming

We decided to make the big leap and move to John Day, Oregon. Officially the middle of nowhere, Oregon, but a beautiful place and really nice community. Andy will be teaching at the middle school and also assistant coach for football and maybe wrestling at the high school. All of our friends who like to hunt, get your tags for over there and come stay with us! We hope to buy a nice piece of property after our home here sells. Please be praying for a great family to find our home.

Check out our beautiful country home for sale at the other blog Country Home For Sale.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Angie. I have to admit being a little sad that you are moving. Is that so silly! I haven't seen you in ages, but just the thought that maybe I could when we live reasonably close...well's fun keeping up with you on your blog here, but I hope I can see you face to face before you move!

John Day, huh? Are you excited? I don't know much about that area. Will you keep working there? I'll keep praying for you all as the changes get underway now.

Your house is so pretty! What a nice property you have. I bet you'll find somthing nice in John Day too. I hope you'll share more about your plans as you get things figured out.
Love, Amy