Monday, March 16, 2009

Wild Weekend

We had a fun weekend away...nothing went quite as expected, though. We left Sat. am to drive to Crescent Lake with Dad & Mom. The weather was good, so Andy, Dad, Drew & I went for a ride. We rode to Crescent Lake and stopped for a minute. When we were ready to ride again, Andy's snowmobile wouldn't start. Dad had to ride back to get a tow rope, then tow me on the dead sled back to the snow park. That took a few years off my life! Dad rode fast up and down hills with me trailing 5 feet behind...scary for a wimp like me! Andy and Dad went back out for a ride later with Trent and Drew and Abby and had a good ride. Mom and I and got to sit and read and drink coffee...a good afternoon. It started to snow Sat pm and all through the night. We woke up to about 6" new snow and decided to just stay at the cabin and let the kids play. It was perfect snow-ball snow so we had a little fight and made a 7" snowman before heading home. It was a great time!

On the drive home we had a scary moment and I'm so thankful God kept his hand on us! We were still a good 30 minutes outside of Eugene when a front tire blew out. Thankfully, we were at a straight stretch of road and a turnout what just up ahead. Andy was able to control the van and get pulled over safely. That has always been a big fear of mine to lose a front glad Andy was driving and is so handy :) He used his big muscles to change the tire in the downpour and mud and we made it home in one piece.

I forgot my camera, so I'm hoping Mom will send me some of her picts...I'll share once I get them.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my what fun! It does sound wild. I've always been afraid of the tire thing too...hasn't happened yet...glad you all are okay. What a good husband you have.