Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Busy Time Around Here

We are in a hurry these days, trying to get ready for elk hunting and Christmas. I made my hunting menu and did the grocery shopping today, work tomorrow, then we leave on Friday for Uncle Jon's in Eastern Washington. After a night at Uncle Jon's we'll meet Andy's Mom to drop off Mallory, then head to the ranch in Eastern Oregon (above Troy) for cow elk hunting. Hopefully it will be cold and dry with a little snow...some years it's really muddy or like a blizzard. I have yet to actually shoot anything, but maybe this is my year! Meat for the freezer is always a blessing. Abby's birthday will come during our hunting trip, so I'm trying to think of something special for her. That reminds me I need to pack her present!

My homemade Christmas projects are coming along slowly. I'm pretty excited about Mally's play food. So far I've crocheted a carrot, apple and banana and made sandwich foods out of felt. I hope to work on more of these while we're hunting. I'd like to make a few things for my moms, but not sure if I'll have time. We have 2 gifts yet to buy for the kids, then I think I'm done shopping. Check out the link to the "You Can Make This" Challenge. They have great ideas and patterns for easy gifts.

Andy found these red sparkle shoes at Goodwill. Mally won't take them off!

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