Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back To Reality

Well, we made it home before the snow hit Oregon. Eastern Washington was a little slippery, but we're thankful it was only a 9 hour trip home and not worse. No elk this year. We saw some beautiful bulls, but no cows until we were driving out. Funny how that often is the case for us :) The kids had a fabulous time - even Abby. She was really dreading it, but had a great time. We saw some lots of deer, some bighorn sheep and wild turkeys, too. It's so beautiful at the cabin. We're hoping to make some improvements for Uncle Jon so it's more comfortable and has fewer flies and wasps!

After hunting, we drove up to visit Andy's family. That was fun and relaxing. We're home for the week, then head back to Idaho for Christmas there. Finally got the Christmas tree today and took the pumpkins off my front door :( They were so cute! I had planned to put up Christmas trees, but it's so late I think I'll save them for next year. Our gifts are nearly done. Keep thinking of more I could make, but the essentials are almost done! How are your Christmas plans coming?

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